Our Approach

The right of existence for a production plant is generating value by converting raw materials into products. Engineers are responsible for product specifications, safety, process uptime etc. while most consultants focus on customer satisfaction, quality, defects per million opportunities (DPMO), waste reduction etc. Both focus on the “core process” of a production plant, trying to improve a current situation. In our view this is doing the same things only slightly better.

Flux Technology

Flux Technology looks at a production location from a Water & Energy perspective. Our top-down methodology first considers a production site at the largest possible scope, focusing primarily on intersecting process and utility streams. At different scope levels we analyze site, plant(s), unit operations, equipment and general operations both qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

Flux Technology allows us to assess data with an unbiased view. We use it to establish a picture of a current situation that shows high cost areas without constraints imposed by prior work or process requirements.

Sankey units2

Visualize variation

Aside from depicting yearly averages, Flux Technology can be used to depict minimum, maximum and varying parameters over time. Furthermore, these figures allow us to show load frequencies and assess if stated process requirements are in accordance with actual utility usage. Changing unforeseen variation to predictable variation always results in optimization potential.

Guaranteed results

At different scope level depicted insights form the basis for new opportunities. Moreover, from our experience and extensive toolboxes, we provide new energy saving or process optimizing solutions using “Green field” idea generation techniques, resulting in projects which generate substantial variable and fixed cost reductions for every client.

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