Why us

Water & Energy Solutions is a technical consulting firm with strong roots in chemical engineering. We are experts in identifying optimization opportunities in the process industry by analyzing interactions between core processes and utilities such as gas, water, electricity, steam and air. Because we know that you can always improve, we offer services enabling our customers to achieve significant benefits in a short amount of time.

Together with the University of Groningen we have developed a unique methodology to quickly identify process interdependencies. Flux Technology displays interdependencies based on different process and utility intersections of a productions site. The integral representation together with our objective outside view, allow us to come up with new solutions. All opportunities presented, are based on proven technology to ensure reliance. When opportunities based on new concepts arise, our collaboration with the University of Groningen enables us to develop these concepts up to market introduction.

University of Groningen

Water & Energy Solutions works in close cooperation with the University of Groningen. This gives us the possibility to provide solutions based on state of the art technology as an independent third party.

Because we understand business as well as science, we deliver practical insights in complex situations. Using our knowledge and experience, we guarantee new optimization opportunities for every client.


  • Prof. ir. M.W.M. Boesten 
    Professor at the department of Chemical Engineering
    Prof. ir. Boesten specializes in process design, process safety and process equipment and has vast experience generated through his working career at different multinationals.
  • Prof. dr. G.J.W. Euverink
    Professor biotechnology and microbiology
    Prof. dr. Euverink specializes in biotechnology, microbiology, separation technology, water technology, high throughput screening, biochemistry and enzymology.
Working with the University of Groningen allows Water & Energy Solutions to access specialist knowledge. Moreover, practice oriented research is performed, bringing new ideas from a lab environment to pilot and full scale implementation.

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