Process optimization

With an ever changing economic environment, chemical processes are subjected to continuous hard scrutiny to ensure optimal production. Terms such as “Efficiency”, “Productivity”, “Quality”, “Safety” and “Sustainability” have become common vocabulary at all levels, from CEO to operator.

Effective and efficient production

The performance of assets naturally declines over time. Therefore, continuous improvement is key. Water & Energy Solutions has vast experience in analyzing chemicals plants and strives to reach optimal performance. We offer our clients several routes to optimize processes, resulting in increased production capacity and reduced production costs while maintaining operational flexibility.

We believe that visibility is an essential precondition for improvement. Using Flux Technology, we generate an integral fact based operations picture. It shows facts defined as “problems” as well as facts that can be defined as “root causes”. Our objective observations and outside view, lead to new opportunities for process improvement in the areas of costs, throughput, quality, environment and safety. As a result, we help industrial companies to continuously outperform their expectations and above all, their competitors.

  • icoon2Integral Process

    Complete process optimization
    A thorough assessment of a production process focused on equipment and operating procedure optimization. We systematically tackle technical issues to define an optimal control strategy that ensures maximum throughput at minimal costs.

  • icoon9Process

    Removing limitations
    Characteristics of equipment can cause operational and throughput restrictions. By understanding process requirements we identify (process) bottlenecks and provide proper optimization solutions to upgrade production capacity.

  • icoon8Waste

    Minimizing waste streams
    Avoiding resource loss directly generates financial as well as environmental gains. After assessing possibilities for waste prevention and reuse, our extensive network in the process industry, allows us to find new applications, converting waste into product.

  • icoon6Operational

    Sustainable improvement
    Lowering product costs while maintaining product quality by continuously improving. We define and visualize Key Performance Indicators using Flux Technology to establish internal process benchmarks and feasible operational optimization goals.

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